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Overview Launching Walkaroo bags with a feature-oriented campaign
Media Print, Radio, digital
The Challenge A segment ruled by renowned national and international brands, it is indeed challenging to capture the customer attention during the launch. Launched midway during the season, it is essential to sell the unique selling points of the brand to make the market entry successful. The challenges from the competitor brands are also high.
The Solution Created a campaign, It’s Fun Being Light, around the most sought-after feature of the bag, lightweight with the unique feature tag Fly High and used it across media to raise curiosity and eagerness to the brand. The concept is expanded to all media, including print, outdoor, social, digital and radio with the man flying away from the clutters of regular life and enjoying the fun. The target group being mid level college and office-going youth, the fun part was the most crucial element in the market-hit plan. Also, launched a digital campaign with new exclusive bag session on the website along with the online sales on platforms such as AMAZON and PAYTM. Also, introduced the product catalogue and unique POINT-OF-SALE creatives for brand recall.
The Result The campaign was an instant success in bringing mass attention to the brand Walkaroo, a brand of VKC group, which has also resulted in considerable enquiries at the dealer shops.
Feature Logo
Print Ad
Product Catalogue