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Overview Popularise Mercedes Benz AMG GTS Among the super car users in Kerala
Media Native advertisement, Social Media
The Challenge Making people aware of the Formula One safety car, Mercedes AMG GT S.
The Solution The AMG GTS Drive conducted ahead of petes super Sunday for #theMercway Community has created a great buzz around the targeted group. We incorporate The participation of Manoramaonline.com, with a native page for the event and an AMG Drive contest has had a mesmerizing impact on the invited-only event.
The Result
Total Page views24,134 in 15 days
Total Unique Views19,800
Total User Entrances13,489
Avg. Time on page2.16 Minute
Total Contest Participants800 in two day
Total Winners500
Initial participation plan 25 (We invite only these many customer based-on their income and SPORTS CAR experience)
Total potential customer drive 81 (More than three times of proposed number of possible customers showed interest to join and we select the potential customers out of it. We ended up with 81)
Our post event social media coverage reached about more 200k through organic sharing

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