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Media applauds for Some Scars are worth it campaign

'Some Scars are Worth It' campaign, a campaign launched aiming at improving the social awareness on surgical procedures for Aster MIMS, has reached more than 20 million in two months making hues and cries across the media, both online and offline.

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Find what a few major advertisement channels had to say while sharing the campaign:

One of the world-known Advertising Media Community has featured the video on their website and official Facebook page with a description: "Beautiful advertising by Color Doppler Media #MySecondLife" that won 49 shares.

Best Ads
The Best Ads team had shared the video on their official Facebook page saying that "This real story about a wife losing 10 kilos in 59 days to become fit to donate an organ to save her spouse’s life is without a doubt a commendable job but it also highlights the sad reality of our country.We hope that by sharing this powerful campaign #?SomeScarsAreWorthIt, we may inspire at least one amongst us for the noble cause of Organ Donation.

Advertiser: Aster MIMS
Agency: Color Doppler Media"

The Irritated Indians
The irritated indians shared the video on their official Facebook page with a note to "watch the video"

They shared the video with the tags #SomeScarsAreWorthIt, #ItsMySecondLife & #OrganDonation on multiple social media channels.

Apart from all these, the video has also been shared by many celebrities.