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OBGYAN & ECHO To strengthen customer relations, increase brand loyalty among them and increase recall among participants at medical events
Business Communication
Teaser Campaign To position the company on top of the customers’ mind
BPL Promise To popularise cutting-edge medical devices, technologies and related case studies among the customers and establish a healthy relationship with customers
Cardiology Advertisement
Defibrillator Creative
Silent Revolution To popularise Silent MRI technology
Mindray Increased brand reach, brand recognition, brand recall, product introduction and product promotion through customized brand solutions
IFUMB Strengthening the association’s activities through an established online presence, updating the members, sharing educational materials
Launch campaign To create a public buzz around the official launch of Centre for Sports Medicine
Some Scars are worth it To establish the brand supremacy in surgical procedures
Aster MIMS Surgery Guide To establish the brand’s expertise in the field of surgery
Aster MIMS Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology Campaign
Launch of Renovated Department To popularise renovated gastroenterology department at BMH along with creating awareness on related diseases