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Book Collection Drive
Objective! "There is no friend as loyal as a book”

There are thousands of books lying around that are no longer of use to you. Don’t let them gather dust; instead we make the public in North Kerala join hands with THE HINDU BOOK COLLECTION DRIVE as we set out to build libraries in schools that lack the facilities.

We aim to inculcate and hone these students' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills with the help of the books you donate.
Result Revenue and Publicity We could generate advertisement revenue for our client Readers connect activity with high public engagement with an intention to increase circualtion Sponsor got benefited by reaching its target group by taking the branded cars to affluent residences and associations The brand gets connected to different corporate clients through sponsorship Social influencers and celebrities are roped in for better brand reach Contributions even from Chennai, thanks to online stories
Print Advertisements
Branded environments and collection points including special book-drive car
Event Launch by Celebrity
Brand outreach
Post-event advertisement